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Under Texas law, a party is legally responsible for the injuries they cause to another. This means our Fort Worth spinal cord injury lawyers can help victims recover damages in almost any situation where there is evidence to show negligence and liability.
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Spinal cord injuries cause significant pain and may even make it difficult for victims to continue to do the things they want to do. Navigating the insurance claims process to get justice and compensation often makes this even harder to deal with since the victim may not know how to handle their claim and fight for fair treatment.

If this happens to you, a Fort Worth spinal cord injury attorney at DFW Injury Lawyers can help you by managing your financial recovery while you focus on healing and rehabilitation. Learn more during a free consultation with our team. Contact us now to get started.

Why Trust a DFW Injury Lawyers Fort Worth Spinal Cord Injury Attorney With Your Case?

At DFW Injury Lawyers, we have the knowledge and resources to handle even complex personal injury cases. If someone else’s negligence leads you or a loved one to suffer a Fort Worth, TX, spinal cord injury, we can help.

We build compelling cases and hold parties responsible for their carelessness and recklessness. Your family should not have to pay for injuries caused by another party.

Our personal injury attorneys in Fort Worth know that handling an insurance claim after a serious spinal cord injury is not just a matter of recovering financial compensation. It is also an emotional time of coming to terms with what happened and wanting to ensure the liable parties are held accountable. These are our goals, too.

Our experienced Fort Worth spinal cord injury lawyers:

  • Investigate the case
  • Develop strong evidence to support the claim
  • Value the recoverable damages
  • Demand fair compensation
  • Negotiate or litigate to recover the money and hold the at-fault party accountable

Throughout this process, you can count on our patient team members to provide guidance, support, and advocacy.

We handle Fort Worth spinal cord injury cases based on contingency. No one should have to try to manage their personal injury case on their own because they do not believe they can afford an attorney. Call us today to learn more.

Seeking Fort Worth Spinal Cord Injury Damages With Our Lawyer

Spinal cord injuries often result in high current and future medical care costs and significant, long-term loss of income. The financial strain of medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and everyday expenses increase stress and anxiety for the victims and their family members.

When someone experiences a spinal cord injury in a personal injury accident, you can recover compensation for many of their expenses and losses.

These may include:

  • Medical Expenses: Hospitalization, surgeries, rehabilitation, medication, medical equipment, mobility equipment, and ongoing medical care
  • Lost Income: Many spinal cord injury survivors are unable to work their jobs temporarily or permanently due to their condition
  • Rehabilitation Costs: Physical therapy, occupational therapy, strength-building, and other forms of rehabilitation aimed at improving function and quality of life
  • Home Modifications: Ramps, widened doorways, accessible bathrooms, and other necessary changes
  • Personal Care Assistance: Necessary assistance with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, and eating
  • Psychological Effects: Emotional distress could be serious enough to require counseling or therapy; many victims deal with feelings of shock, grief, anger, or depression because of the life-altering nature of their injuries.
  • Pain and Suffering: Physical pain and emotional suffering resulting from the injury and lasting effects
  • Loss of Consortium: The negative impact the injury has on the victim’s relationship with their spouse or partner

How Can a Fort Worth Attorney Help Me Recover Fair Compensation?

A personal injury attorney can help you recover compensation for your accident losses by filing an insurance claim or lawsuit in a Fort Worth court. The attorney can assess the case, negotiate with the insurance carriers, and, if necessary, file a lawsuit to seek appropriate compensation for your losses.

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Our Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers Handle a Wide Range of Fort Worth Accident Cases

Under Texas law, a party is legally responsible for the injuries they cause to another. This means our Fort Worth spinal cord injury lawyers can help victims recover damages in almost any situation where there is evidence to show negligence and liability.

Negligence occurs when one party acts carelessly or recklessly, causes an accident or incident, and leaves another party injured.

Some of the most common ways our Fort Worth injury lawyers see this occur include:

  • Auto Accidents: Motor vehicle collisions are a leading cause of spinal cord injuries. A car crash can exert significant force on the neck and back, leading to fractures, dislocations, or damage to the spinal cord.
  • Slip and Fall Accidents: Falls from heights, stair falls, or falls on slippery surfaces can cause spinal cord injuries, particularly if the individual lands on their back or neck. These injuries could occur in stores, restaurants, or other properties.
  • Construction Accidents: Workers in the construction industry are at an increased risk of serious accidents, including those that cause spinal cord injuries. Falls and falling objects are the biggest causes.
  • Pool Accidents: Diving into a shallow pool or another body of water can result in spinal cord injuries.
  • Defective Products: Defective products—faulty car seat belts, poorly designed playground equipment, or malfunctioning safety gear—can cause spinal cord injuries.
  • Workplace Accidents: Spinal cord injuries occur in many types of workplace accidents, including falls, machinery accidents, or collisions involving company vehicles.
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Let Our Fort Worth Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Prove Negligence and Liability in Your Case

Determining liability for a spinal cord injury accident requires our attorney to investigate what happened and examine various factors to show who is legally responsible. The steps we take in this process include:

Reviewing the Circumstances of the Accident

Our attorney will gather information about what happened, how, and why. This usually involves interviewing witnesses, examining accident reports, and reconstructing the events leading up to the injury.

Identifying Potentially Liable Parties

We identify all potentially liable parties. This could vary depending on the nature of the accident and unique case facts. We build cases against individuals, businesses, agencies, and other entities.

Assessing Legal Responsibility

Our attorney will analyze whether the accused party met the elements of negligence. This includes showing they owed a duty of care, that they breached that duty, and this caused your injuries.

Proving Causation

Our attorney must establish a direct link between the at-fault party’s negligence and your spinal cord injury. This requires evidence to show what caused the accident and how it led to your spinal cord injuries.

Examining Legal Principles

We need to have a strong understanding of the principles of negligence, premises liability, product liability, or other relevant legal concepts that apply in your case, depending on the jurisdiction and circumstances.

Consulting Experts

Our attorneys often consult with medical experts, accident reconstruction specialists, and other professionals to help establish liability and support our clients’ claims.

Our experienced Fort Worth attorneys can help determine who is liable for your spinal cord injuries and pursue the necessary legal action on your behalf. Let us handle your case and seek fair compensation for your past and future expenses and losses.

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How Will My Fort Worth Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Handle My Case?

Insurance claims can be complex and overwhelming, especially for someone dealing with the physical, practical, and emotional effects of a spinal cord injury.

Understanding insurance policies, filing paperwork, and communicating with insurance companies can feel daunting, particularly when your focus is on your physical and mental recovery.

Once our Fort Worth attorneys have a strong case to show liability, we will advocate on your behalf to seek compensation from the responsible parties.

Most cases settle through negotiations. However, if necessary, we will pursue litigation through the court system. We will not settle for less than you deserve to close the case quickly or avoid a lawsuit.

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Many Spinal Cord Injury Victims Rely on an Attorney to Manage Their Fort Worth Case

Treatment and rehabilitation from a Fort Worth spinal cord injury can vary greatly in intensity and the time it takes to reach maximum medical improvement.

However, the always difficult and demanding recovery process include:

  • Initial Triage and Stabilization: Immediately after your injury, you likely received emergency medical care to stabilize your condition. This could have involved immobilization of the spine and addressing any immediate life-threatening issues.
  • Acute Medical Care: Once stabilized, you probably received acute medical care in a nearby trauma center. This likely included diagnostic tests, such as X-rays or MRI scans, to assess the injury and determine an appropriate treatment plan.
  • Surgery: In some cases, surgery relieves pressure on the spinal cord, stabilizes the spine, or repairs damaged vertebrae.
  • Rehabilitation: Following the acute medical care phase, you typically undergo rehabilitation to maximize your recovery. This includes several forms of therapy to improve mobility, strength, and independence.
  • Long-Term Management and Support: Spinal cord injuries often require ongoing medical management and support. This could include medications, mobility and assistive devices, and regular follow-up appointments.
  • Psychological Counseling: Coping with a spinal cord injury is often emotionally challenging. Counseling or therapy may be beneficial.
  • Maximal Medical Improvement (MMI): MMI is the point at which further medical interventions are unlikely to result in significant improvement. At this stage, the focus shifts to long-term management and adaptation to life with a spinal cord injury.

Throughout the recovery process, your medical team—including physicians, therapists, and other healthcare professionals—works collaboratively to provide care and support tailored to your unique needs and goals. While in the middle of this arduous process, you will likely have little time or resources to handle your own case.

The process of building a case and filing an insurance claim adds another layer of stress to an already stressful situation. Our attorneys understand you likely have fears about the future, including concerns about financial stability, access to necessary medical care, and the ability to maintain independence.

Let us offer peace of mind, legal representation, and strong advocacy every step of the way.

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Why Is It Important to Hire a Fort Worth Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer as Soon as Possible?

Contacting a Fort Worth personal injury attorney as soon as possible after your injury ensures that you have the support, guidance, and representation to navigate the complexities of the legal process and pursue the compensation you deserve.

Some reasons why it is crucial to speak to an attorney as soon as your injuries allow include:

Preservation of Evidence

Time-sensitive evidence can build a strong case. By contacting an attorney promptly, you ensure they preserve and document important evidence before it’s lost or compromised.

Legal Deadlines

Personal injury lawsuits must meet deadlines established by statutes of limitations. If you wait too long to take action, you could lose your right to seek compensation. A Fort Worth attorney can meet all Texas deadlines, and your claim is filed in a timely manner.

Protection of Rights

Insurance carriers often try to minimize payouts or deny claims. An attorney protects your rights and ensures you receive fair compensation for your injuries, damages, and losses.

Investigation and Case Building

Building a strong spinal cord injury case requires a thorough investigation, gathering evidence, and assessing liability. Our experienced attorneys have the resources and expertise to conduct a comprehensive investigation and build a compelling case on your behalf.

Maximization of Compensation

A skilled Fort Worth personal injury attorney knows how to assess the full extent of your damages, including medical expenses, lost income, non-economic damages, and other losses. They will negotiate with insurance companies and pursue all available avenues for maximum compensation.

Peace of Mind

Dealing with a serious personal injury is often overwhelming, especially when you need to focus on rehabilitation and healing. A knowledgeable attorney provides you with peace of mind, knowing that they are protecting your legal rights and that you have an advocate fighting for you.

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At DFW Injury Lawyers, we provide free case consultations for those living with spinal cord injuries in Fort Worth. If you believe someone else is legally responsible for your accident and injuries, our Fort Worth spinal cord injury attorney can assess your case and offer guidance.

Call us today to learn more: (817) 646-2527.

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