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18-Wheeler Wreck? Don’t Get Stuck with a $20k Bandaid!

An 18-wheeler caused severe neck and back injuries to one of our clients, leading to expensive medical treatments and a great deal of pain and suffering. When the insurance company offered a low settlement amount of $20,000.00, our client knew she needed experienced personal injury lawyers to help her, so she hired DFW Injury Lawyers. We brought our expertise in handling trucking accidents and secured our client $225,000.00! If you were involved in a trucking accident and suffered injuries, bring in the muscle of DFW Injury Lawyers to get you the money you deserve!


Testimonial: I was hit by an 18-wheeler, and I suffered severe neck and back injuries. The insurance company offered me $20,000. I knew I needed serious lawyers. DFW Injury Lawyers got me $225,000 — more than 10 times the offer!


Pedro de la Cerda: If you’ve been injured and strung along by an insurance company, don’t hire a lawyer who will do the same. 


Kevin Edwards: Call DFW Injury Lawyers today.

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