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How To Deal With the Insurance Company After A Car Accident

Video Transcript


Speakers: Kevin L. Edwards and Pedro “Peter” de la Cerda


How To Deal With the Insurance Company After a Car Accident


Peter: Sometimes we get asked, how do I deal with an insurance company or [an] insurance adjuster after a car wreck?


Kevin: Quite the easy answer to that is — you don’t. You need to contact a lawyer and let us deal with the insurance company.


Why Should I Hire a Lawyer to Talk To an Insurance Company?


Kevin: Look, [after an accident,] insurance companies’ [omitted] number one goal is to deny liability. And then after that, if they see [that] the liability is clear or at least there’s going to be some liability on the part of the other driver, they will then deny you medical treatment and then they’re going to deny you any sort of reasonable settlement. And so, they are in the business of denying claims. They’re not out there to help you out. They’re not out there to be your friend. And as soon as you contact an insurance adjuster, they [will want to] take a recorded statement [to] back you into a corner. [T]hey will ask you questions geared only toward, again, like I said, denying liability, denying you medical treatment, and denying any coverage on your claim.


How Can a Car Wreck Lawyer Help?


Kevin: [W]hat you need to do is contact an attorney like us here at DFW Injury Lawyers. We will send [them] a letter of representation and then the insurance company does not deal with you any longer. They deal directly with us until we get a successful resolution of your case.

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