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I Got Rear-ended; How Much Money Will I Get?

Video Transcript


Speakers: Kevin L. Edwards and Pedro “Peter” de la Cerda


I Got Rear-ended; How Much Money Will I Get?


Kevin: Peter, some people have asked us, “Can I still recover money damages from what appears to just be a minor rear-end car wreck?


Peter: Well, the simple answer is yes. And the reason is, just because it is what appears to be a minor rear-end collision, doesn’t necessarily mean that there weren’t [any] serious injuries. What needs to be done, like we’ve mentioned in [our] other videos, is you need to go seek the appropriate medical care following that rear-end collision.


[Those] rear-end collisions [can be] the largest source of whiplash, for example. Whiplash can lead to significant injuries in your neck and back. That needs to be looked at by a medical provider. You need to get the appropriate medical plan in place. You need to have the appropriate imaging that’s needed to fully evaluate what you suffered from that rear-end collision. All those things come into play. So what looks like a minor rear-end collision with minor property damage could actually end with some kind of serious, permanent, and debilitating physical injury.

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